Thursday, February 22, 2018

"New" Ain't Necessarily So

An interesting day today inspecting furnaces. First, a vacant house had a new-ish furnace that was installed in 2016. It had stickers all over it from the local heating, cooling, and plumbing company that had installed it. They're going to have to come back and fix it. The inside temperature of the house was 42 degrees, though the thermostat was set on 70 degrees. There was power to the furnace, but nothing was working at all. Later in the day, a second house included a brand-new gas furnace in the basement. Sadly, it's an all-electric house.

The description of the house you're looking to buy may say that a furnace, or air conditioner, or other major appliance, is "new". But that doesn't necessarily mean that it has been installed correctly and is working as intended. Yet another reason that it is critically important for you to have a house inspected before you buy it.

You're not looking at the furnace when you're touring the house. You shouldn't have to look at the furnace to determine if it's functioning or if it's even the correct type of furnace. You have other things on your mind. So, let a trained professional with more than 25 years as a certified home inspector take care of that for you.

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