Sunday, July 13, 2014

Defect of the Week

Three different houses in the past week had a very dangerous problem in the garage, a problem that the owners of the houses had caused. The sensors for the garage door opener had been defeated, taped or tied together, and hung out the way near the garage ceiling. That’s akin to fastening your seat belt behind you in the car. It defeats the warning system, but it no longer protects you. Having this done to the garage door in your new house is a good way to accidentally injure or kill your family pet, or Grandma, for that matter.

Garage door openers have safety sensors that are designed to detect anything in the path of a closing garage door. They are to be mounted 2-8 inches off the garage floor and they shoot a beam of light to each other. When that beam of light is interrupted, the sensors are tripped and the garage door automatically stops closing and goes back up. If something or someone is beneath a closing garage door, he, she, or it will not be crushed by the door. This also protects the garage door and opener from being damaged when trying to close onto an object under the door.

This is another reason to have me inspect the house you’re looking to buy. When you’re considering buying a house, the last thing you’re going to do is to check the sensors on the garage door. You have enough other things on your mind and plenty of other things to look at. Let me play with the garage doors for you while you just enjoy the peace of mind you get from knowing that your dream home is being thoroughly inspected by a trained professional.

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