Saturday, June 20, 2015

Changes to water heaters

New water heaters are going to be larger from now on due to requirements for more insulation in the tank area. That could mean a lot for your existing house or the house you're now looking to buy. Some water heaters are tucked away neatly in little closet-type rooms. When those water heaters need to be replaced, the new units may not fit into those small rooms. New tanks are taller, so, even a free-standing water heater that currently doesn't have anything else near it will perhaps need new plumbing and vent pipes for its replacement due to the bigger, taller size of the new unit.

If you choose a high-efficiency water heater, it will need to be vented differently to the outside. So, a new water heater simply may not fit in the space occupied by the old one because it is larger, shaped a little differently, and may need to be vented  through an outside wall, away from windows and doors. In other words, replacing a water heater could get kind of complicated in the future. Something for you to keep in mind and plan for when looking to buy a house.

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