Friday, November 13, 2009

Home Buyer Incentives

Take advantage of having the home buyer incentive extended and expanded. First-time home buyers have had their incentive extended beyond the end of this month, its original cut-off date. And, the incentive program has been expanded to include other home buyers, depending on how long it's been since you last bought a home.

So, as you take advantage of this opportunity to save some serious money on your home purchase, make sure that you include an inspection from Complete Home Inspection as part of the process. Find out exactly what condition the property is in at the time of the inspection. Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing what you're buying. And learn all about your potential new home, its systems and its features.

Why wait? Take advantage of the government programs that apply to your situation, and take advantage of your opportunity to find out everything about your prospective home. Call today to schedule your inspection, 913-268-0222. Whole house inspections, radon testing, mold testing and more, we do it all for you.