Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rental Property Inspections

When you're moving into your new rental property, you're very excited to see the place, start unloading your belongings, and get going on the process of transforming it into your new home. You probably wouldn't walk around the back of the property, look under the deck, and discover evidence of a previous deck fire.

home inspector Kansas City - Miki MertzNeither did the woman from the property management company helping my client get ready to move in. It was quite a shock to her when I showed her what my inspection uncovered. Obviously, someone had tried to repair the damage. But the management company knew nothing about it.

Because he had had me inspect the property for him before he moved in, my client, the new tenant, was now protected from liability for the fire damage. And he was now aware of what was lurking underneath the deck.

home inspector Kansas City - Miki Mertz
Later in the inspection, we flushed the toilet and turned on the shower and the faucet in the master bathroom all at once. The flow of water revealed a hole in the main drain pipe in the basement. The cable company had accidentally drilled into it from the neighbor's townhouse while running their cable. With the sudden large volume of water in the drain pipe, the hole sprayed water against the wall. This would then run down the wall, across the floor, and toward the floor drain. Sadly, it would also soak whatever was being stored in this area of the basement.

home inspector Kansas City - Miki Mertz

Looking around the basement also revealed a large opening around the water main pipe where it came through the foundation. You can see the mud that washes in around the pipe when it rains. Again, this leads to a wet basement, possible mold and mildew, and can damage or ruin items that are stored in this area.

All of these defects were found in a five-year-old townhome that, otherwise, was in great shape. And it's likely that none of these defects would be found and listed by you as you filled out your damage report form. You  have other things on your mind.

That's why we suggest you hire Complete Home Inspection to do your walk-through for you and with you. It's a great way to protect yourself, find out what really might be wrong with your new place, and find out how to use the various features and appliances in it. You'll get some peace of mind that you could really use while dealing with the move-in process.

And, Rental Property Inspections are a great investment for landlords and property management companies, too.

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Clean out your gutters

In case we ever do get some rain in the Kansas City area, it's very important to keep the rain gutters on your house free of debris this Fall.

It's easy to forget to do this on the heels of the drought of 2012. But, letting all of the falling leaves clog things up will cause a lot of problems for your house's foundation IF it ever actually rains.

Clogged gutters and downspouts lead to overflows and back ups that can put water in your basement. The clogs keep rain water from flowing away from your house's foundation. It, instead, seeks out the cracks in your basement walls. And, due to the drought, it's entirely possible that the soil surrounding your foundation has pulled away from the foundation. That movement may have caused some new cracks to form. Now, with the gap between your foundation and the dirt surrounding it, water has an even easier path to find those cracks.

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