Saturday, November 30, 2013

Energy-saving tip

Now might be the time to act if you've been thinking about replacing your home's old windows with energy-efficient windows. First of all, acting now means that you might be able to get the project completed before the cold weather moves in to stay. And secondly, the federal tax credit on replacement windows expires at the end of the year. The tax credit might save you up to $200 when you select Energy Star-rated windows.

Whether you're selling the house, buying it, or planning to stay put for a number of years, new energy-efficient windows increase your comfort and save on your energy expenses year-round. And they often require less maintenance than older windows.

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Timely reminder about fireplaces

While inspecting a rental house for the new tenants last month, I suggested that the landlord should have the fireplace flue checked and cleaned. The landlord seemed to feel that I was just being picky but, begrudgingly, agreed to have it done anyway. The chimney inspector stopped by the house this week and told the tenant two things when he was finished: 1) "Congratulations, you win for dirtiest flue so far this season.", and 2) "You're lucky you and the previous occupants haven't had a creosote fire."

While it's always nice to be proven correct, the moral of this story is that you should have your fireplace and flue inspected and cleaned on a regular basis. Whether it's the house you're living in now, the house you want to buy, or a house that you're going to rent, creosote build up in a chimney's flue is very dangerous. Since it is out of sight, it's very easily out of mind, as well. When you have Complete Home Inspection do your Kansas City home inspection, I look at the fireplace, the chimney and the liner, and look up into the flue. If I see signs of trouble, that's when you need to call an expert to do a thorough fireplace inspection for you. Cracks, blockages, and creosote build-up are all going to cause you problems. So, for your safety and your family's safety, have your wood-burning fireplace checked and cleaned regularly.

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

This won't happen to you

A horror story from my client this week is something that will never happen to you when you have Complete Home Inspection handle your Kansas City home inspection. While inspecting the house my client is buying, he told me about the inspection on the house he is selling.

First, the inspector told everyone - buyers, sellers, real estate agents - to just sit in the living room while he inspected the house. Then, following his inspection, he went out to his car for about thirty minutes and wrote his report while they waited. He brought the report in, gave it to his customers, made a few verbal comments, and started to leave. His comments included that he found five floor joists that were damaged and needed to be replaced. My client, who is the seller and a building contractor, asked to see the joists to be replaced. The inspector showed him one and was unable to, again, find the other four he had mentioned verbally and in his report.

Here's what would have been different if the people buying my client's house had, instead, hired me to do their inspection. First, if your schedule allows, I prefer having you accompany me during the inspection. This allows me to point out features, talk about how things work and how to take care of them, and talk about any problems I might find. There is no "sitting in the living room waiting for me to be done". Secondly, you have more important things to do while buying or selling a house than to sit around waiting for me to write your report. Your comprehensive written Complete Home Inspection report, including photos, will be E-mailed to you either the same day, or the morning following your inspection. (see the "Your Inspection Report" video - Additionally, floor joists don't get "replaced", they get supported, reinforced, "sistered", or repaired in some other fashion. For the inspector to say that the joists needed replacing shows his lack of knowledge.

It was gratifying to have my client talk about how much better his Complete Home Inspection was than the one done on the house he was selling. And it was unsettling to learn that someone calling himself a home inspector was treating his customers this way. Know that your Complete Home Inspection will be handled professionally, knowledgeably, and thoroughly. And enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your questions will be answered, that your report will be complete and easy to read, and that you'll learn a lot about your new house during your Kansas City home inspection.

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