Friday, December 30, 2011

Carbon Monoxide

The recent scare at a home in Lenexa, KS, regarding carbon monoxide reminds you that a bad or inefficient furnace not only wastes money, it can also be very dangerous. Your Complete Home Inspection includes a thorough furnace inspection, checking for proper installation, function, rust, and more.

Over the last twenty years of inspecting homes in Kansas City, we've found some operating furnaces in occupied homes that were potentially lethal. In some cases, the gas company had to be notified and they came to the home and shut the furnace down for safety reasons. Carbon monoxide is not something to be taken lightly. And the peace of mind that comes from having Complete Home Inspection inspect your home's heating system will, literally, help you sleep better at night. When you move into your new home, install a carbon monoxide detector up stairs or near a bedroom. It's a great way to help ensure your family's health and safety.

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