Saturday, March 26, 2016

Reason #319 to have your house inspected

A house I was inspecting recently had a high-efficiency heat pump that was virtually brand new. Obviously, there would be no reason to inspect it. The old furnace had already been replaced and everything was, of course, up to date now. So why even bother?

Well, let's call it "the ripple effect". When something is changed in a system, you have to make certain that everything else in that system has been changed accordingly. The old heat pump required two separate feeds of electricity, one a 30 amp and the other a 50 amp feed. The new heat pump required a 50 amp and a 60 amp. In the house's electric panel, the 50 amp breaker had been hooked up correctly to the heat pump. But, the former 30 amp feed was now connected to the heater components rated at 60amp, overloading the breaker, causing it to heat up and become a fire hazard. During the inspection, that breaker was buzzing and hot to the touch.

While you would be feeling all warm and cozy next winter, secure in the knowledge that your new house had a brand new heat pump, you would unknowingly be putting your house and your family at risk due to the faulty wiring. No matter the age of the house, no matter the age of the appliances within the house, you need to have a Complete Home Inspection done on the property before you buy. It's not your job to look for these little, but very critical, things, the "ripple effects" in the house. That's my job. You have enough other things to worry about when buying a house.

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Monday, March 7, 2016

Importance of a home inspection

Yesterday, Steve Rosen wrote a column in The Kansas City Star that read, in part, "Get the house inspected by someone who comes highly recommended. It could be an inspector recommended by your real estate agent, but not necessarily. Even if the inspection costs several hundred dollars, it will be money well spent. The inspector can help you understand what's a big deal and what's not. And if it's a big deal that the seller won't fix, don't move another step toward closing." He was writing about "How first-time homebuyers can avoid a money pit". Here's his entire column -

Sometimes, real estate agents are reluctant to recommend or prohibited from recommending home inspectors. Other times, your realtor might say that you should get the property inspected and you should have it done by Miki Mertz at Complete Home Inspection. One realtor recently got around it all by saying that she wasn't allowed to give specific recommendations for choosing a home inspector, but when her own son was having an inspection done, her son would be having me do the inspection. That convinced my client to hire me. He felt it was high praise for his agent to use me for her own son.

Your Complete Home Inspection tells you the condition of the property at the time of the inspection. That way you'll know what you're getting in to, whether it's a "money pit" or if things are in pretty good shape. Either way, it's money well-spent. Add a radon test to your inspection, and get peace of mind knowing that the house doesn't have a radon problem or that the radon gas has been mitigated and your family will be safe.

Whole house inspections, condo inspections, radon testing, mold testing, and more, we do it all for you. Call, E-mail or text today to schedule your Complete Home Inspection, 913-268-0222,

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