Monday, April 16, 2012

Your Kansas City home inspection

Sometimes, in today's litigious society, it can become frustrating the way businesses always seem to cover their rears when it comes to disclaimers and fine print in contracts. For instance, we talk about how your Kansas City home inspection lets you know the condition of the property "at the time of the inspection". But that only makes sense. We can't predict what might happen to the property in the future. We can only see what it's like now, and perhaps some evidence of what happened to it in the past. Clients are amazed when we uncover evidence, in an attic for example, that the house had had a fire at some point in the past.

We also talk about not being able to inspect certain aspects of the property because we couldn't get to them. We can't remove drywall to check behind it, for instance. One home seller had moved most everything from the house into the garage, making the garage impossible to completely inspect. So, while it may sound like some legal double-talk, we're simply telling you that what we can see, what we can get to, and what we can investigate, will be completely inspected. But sometimes, we run into this - This kitchen sink drain pipe showed evidence of a leak:

home inspector Kansas City - Miki Mertz

But the sink above it, made it impossible to completely investigate.

home inspector Kansas City - Miki Mertz

No, we don't do dishes.

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