Saturday, May 31, 2014

Timely maintenance

The year's flying by and it's time for some spring/summer maintenance on your house. First, clean out your gutters. Whether you're buying or selling a home, or just maintaining the on you live in, it's time for this twice-a-year chore.

It's easy to remember to do this in the Fall because all of the falling leaves clog things up. But, it's just as important to do in the Spring now that the maple tree "helicopter seeds"and the blossoms from flowering trees are down. Clogged gutters and downspouts lead to overflows and back ups that can put water in your basement. The clogs keep rainwater from flowing away from your house's foundation. Instead, it seeks out the cracks in your basement walls. So, now's the time to improve the drainage around your house's foundation by sloping the ground away from the house. And, keep the gutters and downspouts free from debris.

Then, check the condition of the outdoor section of your air conditioner. It should be relatively level and the outer coil should be clean. Dirt, pollen, cottonwood fluff, dryer lint and vegetation can clog the outdoor coil, causing it to work harder and waste money. I don't recommend power washing the outer coil. That is too harsh and can damage the coil or force the dirt farther into it. Gently brushing the debris down off of the coil or washing it with a garden hose is better. Some types of condenser units do need professional cleaning because of their design.

Thirdly, check the drainage on the interior part of your air conditioner, usually right above your furnace. If the drain hose is clogged, it can flood your furnace and ruin it. Once, a client buying a million-dollar condo simply said, "This inspection just paid for itself" when I opened the closet door to the air conditioner and found the drain pan overflowing, flooding the furnace and the floor, and starting to get the carpet wet. Make certain that the drain hose/pipe is near a floor drain or whatever your system is supposed to drain into. Sadly, simply seeing water flow doesn't necessarily mean that everything's okay. Remove the furnace's access panel and look for water. Remove the drain hose from the air conditioner and check for current or future clogs.

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Not so fast

You have to move quickly to buy a house in Kansas City this spring as the inventory of existing homes keeps shrinking. In this "seller's market", your offer on a house may/will have competition. And you may begin to feel that you don't have time to really mull things over, revisit a house, or check things out thoroughly because you might lose the house to someone else.

This makes it even more important for you build a home inspection clause into your offer so that, before you sign on the dotted line, you'll be able to slow down and find out the condition of the house. Let me thoroughly inspect the property for you, from top to bottom, and give you a written report, complete with photos, detailing my findings. Buying a house is too important to just rush through the process trying to beat everyone else. Do what you have to do to get your offer in before others. But then treat yourself to a Complete Home Inspection before everything's finalized. You'll get some peace of mind knowing that your haste didn't stick you with a problem house.

Whole house inspections, condo inspections, radon testing, mold testing, and more, we do it all for you. Call or E-mail today to schedule your Complete Home Inspection, 913-268-0222,