Friday, June 24, 2016

Defect of the Month

The furthest thing from your mind when you're buying a house is the vent for the clothes dryer. Based on the past couple of weeks, it's the furthest thing from the minds of people selling houses, too. Dryer vents have been found to be disconnected, clogged, bent, and made out of flammable materials.

If the existing clothes dryer is being left in the house for you, I'll check out the venting during your Complete Home Inspection. If you're moving your own dryer into the house, I'll give you tips on properly venting it.

Disconnected dryer vents scatter lint everywhere. Not only is that messy, it's also a fire hazard. That's particularly true if the dryer is near the furnace or water heater. A disconnected vent will also allow moisture from the dryer's air to escape, perhaps leading to mold.

A dryer vent that's clogged with lint, or that is bent, is a fire hazard. And a clogged vent causes the dryer to work less efficiently, increasing your energy costs and the wear and tear on the dryer. Vents need to be cleaned out regularly. And they need to follow a straight path to the outside to allow the lint to be carried along with the airflow.

Finally, older dryer vents were made out of a plastic film-type covering that is actually flammable. Instead, you should use a metal dryer vent, one that will stand up to heat better.

You have so many other things on your mind when buying a house, let me take care of all the little details during your Complete Home Inspection.

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