Saturday, March 10, 2012

Yes, even a brand new house

It's easy, with a newly constructed house, to think that there's no reason to have Complete Home Inspection inspect it for you. Think again.

Here's the attic in a new house we inspected recently -

home inspector Kansas City - Miki MertzNo insulation at all. Now, is that something you would check as soon as you move into your new home?

Probably not. Instead, you'd be wondering why it cost so much to cool and heat your new place.

In another new construction, we couldn't get the kitchen sink spray hose to extend from its resting place. We found that the dishwasher's drain hose and the spray hose were tangled up under the sink. Further, the dishwasher was susceptible to backflow from the sink's garbage disposal because of the way its drainage hose had been placed. Again, you don't usually move into a brand new house and immediately check under the kitchen sink. Why not have Complete Home Inspection do that for you?

Yes, your builder's warranty covers things. Yes, you have a year to make a list of what needs to be repaired. Getting a Kansas City home inspection from Complete Home Inspection BEFORE you move in gets you a jump start on that list and allows you to get many of those things fixed before you take occupancy.

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