Sunday, July 30, 2017

"Do I Need to Be There?"

Sometimes, clients ask if they need to attend the Complete Home Inspection being done on the house they’re buying. No, it’s not necessary for you to be there with me during your inspection. But, I prefer having you follow me around in the house while I’m inspecting it. So, if it fits your schedule, please make time to join me.

This month, a client responded to receiving his written report with, “Thank you Miki for taking the time yesterday to inspect our home. I appreciate you explaining everything to me! I will let you know if we have any questions about the report.” And that’s the key. When you follow me through the house during the inspection, I can explain the features of the house to you as we find them – e. g. the main water shut-off, the electrical panel, the furnace filter and how to change it. I can also answer all of your questions as they arise.

It’s your chance to see things first-hand, to see what’s unique about the house you’re buying, and to ask about anything that confuses you or that you want to learn more about. So, please, join me for your Complete Home Inspection.

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