Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Flip-itty-doo-dah, again

Some houses marketed as having been "newly remodeled" are in the process of being "flipped" - someone bought a distressed house at a bargain price, did some fix-ups, and is now selling it to make a profit. That's fine, but you really need to make certain that the remodeling and the flipping are being done correctly. And the best way to be certain is to schedule your Complete Home Inspection before buying such a house.

Twice in one week, houses listed as having a "New Kitchen" had dishwasher problems. In the first, the "New Dishwasher" was just that, "new". It had been taken out of the box, slid into the dishwasher slot under the "New Granite Countertops", and left there. It wasn't plugged into electricity, wasn't connected to the water supply pipes, and had no drain pipe installed. The "New Dishwasher" was actually a "Useless Dishwasher". You wouldn't discover any of this until AFTER you had moved in and had a dishwasher full of dirty dishes. The second house had a "Newly Remodeled Kitchen" with a dishwasher that had power and water, but no drain pipe had been attached. You wouldn't have discovered that until water began running all over your kitchen floor.

And, the second house also boasted of a roof that was less than a year old. No need to inspect that, right? Sadly, the new roof had been installed over the two existing layers of roofing. Most, if not all, insurance companies will not give you homeowner's insurance on a house with three layers of roofing. In this case, the less-than-a-year-old roof, and the other two layers, will have to be stripped off and yet another new roof will need to be installed.

So, even in the case of a house being flipped, it is critical for you to schedule a Complete Home Inspection of the property BEFORE you buy so that you'll know condition of the house at the time of the inspection.

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